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What We Do

The Democratic Women's Council of Horry County is a membership and volunteer-based organization formed to support the Democratic Party. In particular, we advocate for issues important to women and promote female candidates to run for office.

We promote equality in advocacy, communication and community outreach and encourage participation by all ages, races and religions. To promote communication, we share information via social media, email, community engagement meetings and presentations. DWC members are encouraged to advocate by sharing within their own personal networks. 

Voting membership is open to all women registered to vote in Horry County. Associate membership is open to women and men outside of the county or state.


Our Objectives

1.       To create and maintain a forum for women’s issues, encouraging participation by all ages, races, religions and recognized classifications.

2.       To create, maintain, and administer an annual scholarship program benefiting local college bound students.

3.       To identify and help prepare Democratic women to run for public office.

4.       To participate with the Democratic Women’s Council of South Carolina and the National Federation of Democratic Women.

5.       To support the principles and platform of the national, state, and local Democratic Parties.


We Stand United With All Democrats

DWC is an affiliate of the South Carolina Democratic Women's Council and the National Federation of Democratic Women. DWC works in collaboration with the Horry County Democratic Party and the South Carolina Democratic Party. DWC offers opportunities to connect with other women and men who support and promote Democratic principles through a variety of non-partisan organizations.

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