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Our Executive Board manages the organization in collaboration with committees and members. The Board is elected by voting members every two years. All members are invited to run for a leadership position.

DWCHC 2020-2022

Leadership Team:


Bev Bitzegaio


da'vita fushee.jpeg

Da'Vita Foushee

1st Vice President


Deborah Young

2nd Vice President

carole dwyer new.JPG

Carole Dwyer


donna dodson_edited.jpg

Donna Dodson


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DWC Ballot:

 The ballot includes the offices of President, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President. The Treasurer and Secretary are appointed by the incoming Executive Board. Those interested in other leadership roles may sign up as a Committee Chair.

Only DWCHC 2022 full members may vote.




Members are encouraged to get involved

through one or more committees. 



  • Track news and events related to women’s issues and inform members via social media and/or email.

  • Call members to action for selected issues as needed. Inform members of online petitions at the national and state level.

  • Oversee activities that build and support interactions within DWC and with other Democratic organizations.

  • Assign liaisons to attend key city and county meetings.


  • Organize opportunities for DWC to connect with other organizations and participate in community events.

  • Support needs of other organizations through collections or disseminating information at our general meetings.

  • Assist in planning annual EXPO and other events.


  • Work with the Scholarship Committee to sell ads for Scholarship booklet.

  • Organize 50/50 raffles at general meetings.

  • Develop, implement and manage new fundraising ideas, i.e. selling promo items, fundraising events.

  • Collaborate with membership committee to combine fundraising and membership drives.


  • Manage membership database and official roster of voting members.

  • Notify members about upcoming meetings, event and official organization business.

  • Provide membership applications and other materials at all meetings.

  • Notify all members that annual dues are payable in January and facilitate collection of dues with the Treasurer.

  • Coordinate distribution of permanent name badges for Voting Members.

  • Develop ways to engage members in the organization.


  • Determine the topic of the written competition in collaboration with the Executive Board.

  • Promote essay contest to high school students. Distribute applications and guidelines to the HCSC high schools.

  • Recruit judges and provide guidelines and scoring rubrics to facilitate judging.

  • Coordinate collection of applications and communicate with applicants, their schools and judges.

  • Select winners based on results of judging and notify winners and their schools.

  • Coordinate with winning students to present at DWC meeting.

  • Arrange with the participating high schools for awards presentation.

  • Create scholarship booklet with winning essays and ads to disseminate via print and electronic.

  • Promote winners through social media and press.

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