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Rules and Criteria


The Democratic Women’s Council of Horry County (DWCHC) is sponsoring an Essay/Video Contest with two $1,500 college scholarships for the winning essays or videos. Accredited institutions of continuing education are applicable for consideration (accredited trade schools, colleges, universities, trade schools, post-secondary and continuing education).

The topic for the 2023 scholarship contest is: 

When women do not have the freedom to make choices about their bodies, how does this impact society?

What can Democrats in South Carolina do to ensure the protection of women's rights?

  1. The essay will be no less than 1,000 words and no longer than 1,500 words.
    The video must be two minutes in length (+/- 15 seconds).

  2. Entries must be received by March 31, 2023 and must include: 

  3. LINK TO APPLICATION FORM – complete and upload the following files to the form:

  4. Photo proof of Horry County SC residency, which may include a SC driver’s license, state issued ID or SC voter ID card (free to registered voters at the Horry County Voter Registration and Elections Office)

  5. Essay (Google Doc) or video file (MP4). Google link to the essay or video must be shared so anyone with the link may VIEW. 

  6. Applicants must add their counselor’s name to the application indicating that their counselor is aware that the student has applied for this scholarship.

  7. Qualified applicants must be a graduating public high school senior. Applicants must be a registered voter of Horry County or scheduled for public High School graduation by June 2023. Voter registration card or proof of residency (for applicants under the age of 18) shall be required at time of essay submission. 

  8. Applicant agrees to allow the publication of the essay, photos and videos of the winners at the discretion of the DWCHC via social media, print and electronic media.

  9. Each applicant may submit only one essay or video for consideration.

  10. The essay or video will be judged using a scoring rubric (essay or video) provided for student reference on the DWC website: 

  11. The winning essayists or videographers must provide a copy of their accredited college/university/trade school/post-secondary/continuing education acceptance letter. The scholarship award will be issued to the educational institution of the winner’s choice and mailed directly to the Bursar’s office in the name of the winning applicant.

  12. The winning essayists or videographers agree to provide an update of their college/continuing education progress after the first semester and at the end of their freshman year.

Scholarship Contest Entry deadline is March 31,  2023

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